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Premature ejaculation

How to understand your disease of aging : ageless man 

AGELESS MAN in short



Premature ejaculation occurs  too early compared to the erotic physiology of the partners.

Ejaculation is the reflex which causes the emission of sperm in response to the physical excitation of the genitals or a stimulation of the cerebral sexual centers. These two nervous reflexes act simultaneously but not necessarily.

Any excessive excitation in a point of the nervous path accelerates the nervous reaction and causes premature ejaculation.

The assertion according to which the premature ejaculation is always psychological must be used with discretion.
Premature ejaculation occurs in all the circumstances of the sexual act.

It is often caused by an irritation of the genitals which causes the acceleration of the normal reflex.

Organic causes of premature ejaculation

Organic pathologies responsible for premature ejaculation are not rare. The nervous fibres can be irritated in various places:  foreskin and  ejaculatory ducts.


The foreskin is sick

When it is infected (herpes, mycosis, or bacteria) the foreskin becomes hypersensitive. The causal treatment makes disappear the infectious irritating spine at the same time as premature ejaculation.

Malformations of the foreskin involve an excessive irritation. Premature ejaculation persists as much as these malformations were not corrected (reconstructive surgery). Ritual circumcision is never indicated.

The sex hormones influence direcly the skin of the penis. When there exists a defect of masculinisation or an excess of feminization, the foreskin becomes fine, fragile and sensitive. Its over-sensitiveness causes premature ejaculation. To cure in this state, a good male hormonal impregnation should be restored.

A fragile foreskin can be easily infected. 


The ejaculatory ducts are irritated


Carrefour éjaculateur normalcarrefour éjaculateur irrité et congestif

                                                                                     A.                                       B.


A. Normal endoscopy of ejaculatory ducts

B.  Endoscopic view of prostate and ejaculatory ducts congestion


Local lesions  of ejaculatory ducts are infectious or congestive.

All  forms of posterior chronic urethritis can cause premature ejaculation. Antibiotherapy is the treatment.

The hormonal pathology is often ignored. It is responsible for the intense congestion of the walls of the posterior urethra, the veru montanum and the ejaculatory ducts (B).

In short, the infectious or hormonal pathology of the ejaculatory ducts can cause premature ejaculation.



The mechanism of premature ejaculation is simple.

Ejaculation depends on the contraction of the vas deferens which begins on the level of the ejaculatory ducts and is propagated towards the testicle, i.e. in the opposite direction of the migration of the spermatoids.

This contraction depends on the sympathetic nerves because ejaculation is the result of a nervous reflex.

As the sensitive nerves are irritated permanently by the infection or congestion, the nervous reaction is accelerated.